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Rename Harddrive Volume via Terminal
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The first volume, in this case likely to be the OS X installation volume, will remain safe. Let this command work and do its thing. Similarly, these commands can also be used to create, mount, unmount, rename partitions and do much more on your Mac. If you require any help in the above steps, feel free to reach out to me via comments below or on Twitter.

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Andrew Vit Andrew Vit 2 5 Luckily, we always backup our user's MacBooks; if we were to re-image, not a huge amount of stuff is lost. Now lets say the DATA partition name has been changed to something like "[" which always happens. The only way you could rename the "startup partition" would be to startup from another drive. Disk Utility will match the visible name and the device name. In the next part of this series, we'll cover how to manage partitioning and modify volumes. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled.

In case you ever get stuck in a situation where you are unable to recover a partition on your Mac, follow the below steps: Related Posts. How To: Save iOS 4. Posted on Sep 13, 4: Then relaunch Disk Utility.

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Under the Debug menu, select "Show Every Partition". The Recovery HD will appear in the sidebar. Click it once, and then click "Mount" in the toolbar.

Posted on Sep 13, 5: Page content loaded. Sep 13, 5: Perfect, worked like a charm!

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Now I just have divide my flashdrive into a bunch of 1GB partitions for each new Mac we get in! Sep 13, 6: Aug 2, 5: I used your trick to rename my recovery hard drive. Now , how can I go back to the original menu without the debug menu showing in my Disk Utility. I tried adding No at the end of the command but it made no difference. How to rename a hidden Lion recovery partition? More Less. Communities Contact Support.

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To rename the volume, enter the following in Terminal: /usr/sbin/diskutil This in in High Sierra on a mac mini. Turns out if you boot into. In OSX you can also use a command line diskutil tool to rename your partition. Open up the Terminal app, and enter the following command.