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Fixing the External Monitor Color Problem with My 2018 MacBook Pro
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I hooked up a second monitor to my Dell laptop. It worked great when i first connected them i could multitask with them. Now my second monitor Hp w Says "input signal out of range" and to change it to the recommended settings, but it is on the recommended settings. Plus, the way that windows is displayed on the second monitor is clearly not right.

I've tried other resolutions. The only time the monitor works while on recommend settings. The message saying it's out of range ain't there, and it fills the whole screen and looks great is when i select the option to show only 2. Can anyone help me with this? Posted: June Jacob Micallef jx The error message "monitor out of range" means that the monitor displaying the message cannot display the image due to something like a higher screen resolution or faster refresh rate.

2. Check Your Cables

Bought a Firebolt to DisplayPort cable and it is now working perfectly. This is the one I got:. Alternatively, I did manage to create a SwitchResX profile that more or less worked, although it was at 53hz instead of 60hz and the monitor showed me a warning to tell me that. I didn't bother resolving it though because I had already ordered the new cable. For anybody interested, here are the settings:.

I am also using late. If you want to use the display port, why not try connecting a normal liquid crystal display? Hey Eric, just wanted to say thanks so much for putting this together. Having just bought an ultrawide and going through the initial pain of getting it to work, this page was an absolute lifesaver. Hands down one of the most intrinsically useful things i've encountered on the internet to solve a specific problem. Thanks this was helpful but I tried the log in to a new admin user fix and that finally worked and got an active screen at x BUT now when I switch to that resolution the screen flickers and then goes black.

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Using MacBook air with High Sierra Any suggestion immeasurably appreciated. I installed a custom res, rebotted my macbook air as prompted. Now the custom res reads "not activated" and it's not appearing on my external monitor as a resolution option in the displays setting in system preferences. Anyone know how to activate the custom resolution?

Kamerdiner worked for me, thanks! I'm using the provided configuration on a macbook pro, running El Capitan I have a macbook pro mid with osx I cannot even see the monitor getting recognized.

Second Monitor says out of range

I really need help. The monitor is working, tried it with my gf laptop and my ps3. I'm using a minidisplay adaptor to hdmi. I tried the patch, and also installed the program, but i don't get the screen! Also I tested the same adaptor and cable with a generic monitor and it works. I started having my issue after upgrading to Mojave, and I've had black banding on the side of my monitor for like two weeks now.

I had to try a few different values for the Hz before seeing that it actually could only handle 53Hz. I kept seeing "Not Activated - in After trying a few, and rebooting, the picture below was the outcome, so it looks like 53Hz is the max my setup can run with, but it looks great, so I'm not complaining. If anyone else is in a similar situation, it might benefit you to try a few other values that are less than I'd be happy to help if you have similar issues with a similar setup!

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I have a Late MacBook Pro connected to an LG Ultrawide 25UM58, I installed SwitchResX and I've been trying for hours to make it work in but every time I add a custom resolution and click on Apply Now to try it my monitor image gets upside down without any change on resolution and SwitchRes displays this warning on my MacBook screen: " The Display configuration has been modified SwitchResX has detected that the display configuration has changed.

All unsaved preferences are thus invalid and have been discarded.

Thanks for any help. I too am now having this issue and cannot restore my old resolution on Catalina. I've uninstalled and reinstalled etc but nothing is working. Did you do anything else? I reinstalled Switch this morning and deleted that file.

Added my setting saved it , did a restart, and then realized it didn't even keep my added setting. Just the original in there and still not installed after a restart. I also noticed every time I go in and add my custom resolution and save, the file you mentioned to delete comes back. Well, a new version of it anyway,. Ignore Learn more. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Code Revisions 3 Stars Forks Embed What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Learn more about clone URLs. Download ZIP. SwitchResX Configuration.

Once in recovery mode, open a terminal window. Select the 'Custom Resolutions' tab. Adjust the settings to match the appropriate PNG provided in this gist. Restart your Mac. SwitchResX Settings. This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Copy link Quote reply. Thank you for the settings and the effort you put into finding them.

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G3 Beige tower OS9 Monitor message"out of range"Then goes black. This can result from someone fiddling with the monitor resolution settings, or possibly from a I have tried a spare Mac monitor and get the same result. Ok I'll admit it -- I was messing around on my laptop with a second screen attached, and I set the frequency for the second screen to a value that.

Works like a charm! Thank you erichrobinson! Thanks - tried what you suggested re. Thunderbird, but still get it showing up as a drive on my desktop when I start the application. Is that what should happen? The only place that there should be a Thunderbird icon is in the dock.

Take a look inside your applications folder, or wherever you think you installed Thunderbird, and see if the app name ends in anything other than app. I still think that what is happening is that you are launching the disk image, which appears on the desktop as an icon that looks like a hard drive. What happens when you double click on the thing on the desktop? The following, from the Thunderbird website, is what I think you missed in the installation process.

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I could be wrong but the symptoms are the same: Quote: Double click the Thunderbird 1. Your browser may have already done this for you. Double click the Thunderbird Disk Image to open it in Finder and drag the Thunderbird application onto your hard disk. Do not double click the icon in the disk image! Be sure to drag the Thunderbird application out of the disk image and onto your Hard Disk before running it. Drag the icon to your Dock if you want it to appear there.

EndQuote I think you have the disk image. Just a thought. Let me know P. Your MiniMac may be factory pre-set to the wide screen resolution used for the 22" monitor, which I think is X Your best bet might be to find someone who has a wide monitor, go there, hook your MiniMac to that monitor, then, if it boots all the way through go into your "Monitor" Control Panel and reduce the default screen resolution setting to X , which will run on any monitor larger than 13 inches.

The other problem is that the monitor may not be compatible with your MiniMac because it runs at too high a power setting, like 90Hz or greater, and the message means that the power requirement is too high for the range the computer can safely boot. Sort of like trying to get a volt appliance to run off a volt power supply. If that's the case, then you've got a bone to pick with Avixe.

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Click on that, and it will give you all the various screen resolutions -- for example my older G3's Control Strip monitor resolution pop-up gives me this list: X , 67Hz X , 85Hz X , 75Hz X , But I'll use that Control Strip button whenever I encounter a web page, picture or multimedia presentation that can't entirely fit on my screen to switch it over to the X , It makes everything on the screen look much smaller, but then I can correctly view all of the big screen formats. Just as a hunch, before you carry your MiniMac to the nearest wide screen monitor, try booting with all the extensions off.

How to resolve Out Of Range on monitor in Just Two minute (100% Proof)

On your Mac, all you may need to hold down is just the Shift key. Try that first.