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How to eject a CD on a MAC mini with PC keyboard and mouse

In my experience, the optical drive is often the first thing to fail on Macs, at least around my house. That may have something to do with the amount of pet fur flying around here or the frequent renovations that have been known to kick up dust.

How to Eject a CD That Doesn't Show Up on the Desktop on a Mac

It may well be a side-effect of kids — one of which was the subject of one of my first GeekDad posts, way back in May in that case, it was paper shoved in an iMac's DVD slot. Whatever the reason, I currently have four Macs with shot optical drives.

That doesn't bother me. What has been driving me crazy is what happens when someone inserts a DVD into a broken drive which then refuses to eject it.

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In the old days, Apple provided a manual eject button you pushed in with a paperclip; however, Macs released in the past few years have been lacking this handy feature. If a disc becomes stuck in the drive for some reason, it can quickly become a cause of irritation and frustration. The Mac knows it's there. It will spin the drive up, trying to read the disc, sometimes repeatedly. If you use the usual methods to try to eject it such as choosing "Eject" from the Finder, or dragging it to the Trash , you can be rewarded by an endlessly revving optical drive, as the disc is constantly spun up, remounted and clicks as it fails to eject. If you leave it, the drive will sometimes be quiet for days, but you know it's there and one false move — accidentally clicking on that icon — starts the maddening revving cycle.

Use this Terminal trick to force eject media without shutting down

I was preparing to pass it on to the kids, but wanted to resolve the disc issue first, because I know they'd keep clicking on it and I was afraid we'd hit a state where it simply wouldn't spin down. I'm no prude when it comes to taking computers apart I was even Apple Certified back in the day , but pulling out, or replacing the optical drive in an iMac is a pain in the butt and something I'd rather avoid. A MacBook, no problem: access to components is easy. The iMac, less so. I've swapped out the RAM on this machine and removed the protective glass cover to clean dust off the LCD display, but there's no way I want to remove the display altogether to get at the drive beneath it.

Not if I can avoid it. In case you are ever faced with this annoying situation, here is what I tried in order of escalating frustration :. Using the Terminal, enter the following command: drutil eject.

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Method 1. This key is in the top-right corner of your Mac's keyboard.

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The disk may take a few seconds to eject if you were using it immediately before pressing the Eject button. If you're attempting to eject from an external disk drive instead, press and hold the F12 key until the disk pops out. Most external disk drives also have a physical button that you can press. Some disk drives have a small pinhole in the front.

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You can insert a small paperclip or similar object into this hole and push to open manually the CD tray. This keyboard shortcut will force your CD to eject if the Eject key isn't working but the CD drive is undamaged.

Eject a Stuck Disk from your Mac DVD Super Drive

Use the Finder. Open the Finder—which resembles a blue, face-shaped icon in your Mac's Dock—then do the following: Find the disk's name under "Devices" on the left side of the window. Click the "Eject" triangle icon to the right of the disk's name. Drag the disk icon into the trash. Locate the disk icon on your computer's desktop, click and drag it onto the Trash Can in the lower-right corner of the screen, and release the disk icon.

How to force eject a disc from your Mac

This should prompt the CD to eject from your Mac. Eject the disc with iTunes.

PC to Mac Guide: How to Make the Switch

In the event that a disk has become stuck in your Macintosh computer, there are several steps you can take to try to force it to eject. Restart your. Mac OS X - Force Ejecting a CD. This document provides information on force ejecting a CD from your Mac. In the event that a disk has become.

To do so: Open iTunes Click Controls in the upper-left side of the screen. Method 2. Close any open apps. Some CD drives—especially external ones—won't respond to ejection commands if the CD is currently being used by an app. You can keep web browsers open, but make sure things like iTunes, media players, video games, and any other programs that might be using the disk are shut down. Tilt your Mac while ejecting the disk. Angle the disk slot side of the Mac downward, then use one of the disk ejection techniques that you'd use for a working disk. The Mac counts drives starting at 0 and adding 1 for each additional device it finds.

Examples of the identifier then are disk0, disk1, disk2, and so on. You may see entries like this:. In this example, there are two physical disks disk0 and disk1 , each containing additional partitions. Read across to find the identifier, and then use just the base name of the identifier in the diskutil eject command.

The DVD that is stuck in the Mac shows up as disk1s3. Once you have the optical drive's identifier in the example disk1, you're ready to use Terminal to eject the media from the specific drive. Remember to change the identifier in the above example to match the identifier you found using the diskutil list command. If the stuck media is in an external DVD drive, there is a good chance that it may have an emergency disk eject system.

This simple system consists of a small hole usually located just below the DVD drive tray. To eject a stuck DVD, unfold a paperclip and insert the now straight clip into the ejection hole. When you feel the paperclip pressed against an object, continue to push. The drive tray should start to eject.